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Please note:

These cakes do not last as long as a cake covered in icing, so once it is out in the open it should be consumed as soon as possible.

This beautiful naked wedding cake served around 100 - 120 guests.     

Victoria sponges oozing strawberry jam,  vanilla buttercream, and fresh fruit.

To compliment the cake were cupcakes in cases,  wrapped in burslem and tied with string to complete the rustic look.

The fruit can be changed to edible flowers.

The cake on the right is a rustic cake which is buttercreamed over and then the florist was asked to provide flowers.

The one below is a very rustic cake, and lended to the theme of the wedding and the couple, and the one below right was dressed for the occasion with edible flowers and fruit,  lavender and corn on the table, and I am told by the groom that the only disappointing thing was, that there was nothing left for them to take home.

These are made to the client's wishes for their wedding theme...